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Toddler found wandering next to slain Mother

image via M&G and 50/50

image via M&G and 50/50

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Hello world!

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Today’s tribute goes to Tim DeChristopher

Posing as a Bidder, Utah Student Disrupts Government Auction of 150,000 Acres of Wilderness for Oil & Gas Drilling
In a national broadcast exclusive, University of Utah student Tim DeChristopher explains how he “bought” 22,000 acres of land in an attempt to save the property from drilling. The sale had been strongly opposed by many environmental groups. Stephen Bloch of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance said, “This is the fire sale, the Bush administration’s last great gift to the oil and gas industry.”
democracy now article

Guerrilla Tactics at Oil-Lease Auction
Activist Drives Up Prices With Bidding
washington post article

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Jack Forbes quote

For us, truly, there are no “surroundings.”

I can lose my hands and still live. I can lose my legs and still live. I can lose my eyes and still live.

. . . But if I lose the air I die. If I lose the sun I die. If I lose the earth I die. If I lose the water I die. If I lose the plants and animals I die. All of these things are more a part of me, more essential to my every breath, than is my so-called body. What is my real body?

We are not autonomous, self-sufficient beings as European mythology teaches. . . . We are rooted just like the trees. But our roots come out of our nose and mouth, like an umbilical cord, forever connected with the rest of the world. . . .

Nothing that we do, do we do by ourselves. We do not see by ourselves. We do not hear by ourselves. . . . We do not think, dream, invent, or procreate by ourselves. We do not die by ourselves. . . .

I am a point of awareness, a circle of consciousness, in the midst of a series of circles. One circle is that which we call “the body.” It is a universe itself, full of millions of little living creatures living their own “separate” but dependent lives. . . . But all of these “circles” are not really separate—they are all mutually dependent upon each other. . .

sigh … the man is a genius
thanks to Koala for drawing this beautiful quote to my attention.

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Facebook and the CIA

“…let’s have a look at who invested money in Facebook and who could have a say in how that information is used. The first bit of venture capital, $500 000, came from Peter Thiel, previously founder and CEO of PayPal. Peter Thiel is now involved in Vanguard PAC, an American ultra-conservative organisation.

Then Accel Partners gave Facebook $12,8-million in venture capital in May 2005. Accel’s manager and Facebook board member James Breyer previously served on the board of NVCA with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel. To get an idea of what In-Q-Tel is about, check the copy on its “Our aim” page, which states the following:

“Launched by the CIA in 1999 as a private, independent,
not-for-profit organisation, IQT was created to bridge the
gap between the technology needs of the Intelligence
Community and new advances in commercial technology.”

by Anja Merret in, 2007

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Scientist suspended for speaking out

The Council for “Scientific” and Industrial Research (CSIR) has gagged and suspended a researcher who’s warning that South Africa has used 98% of its “spare” water capacity and is headed for social turmoil if nothing is done to protect our water supply.

No one knows for sure, but it looks like he has caused some political turmoil among the haves of South Africa … criticism is not good for them just before an election … so now they are trying to shut him up.

I’m neither surprised nor amazed by this. People who speak out against the destruction being wrought on our beloved planet, by industry and their lapdog politicians are always gagged, brutalised and sometimes murdered – the world over.

Anti-dam activists in China have lost their lives speaking out against mega-industrial projects. Earth firsters in the US are defined as “terrorists” and many of them are sitting behind bars as I write: Daniel McGowan, Jeffrey Luers and others … Indian environmentalists like Sunita Narain have had their families threatened and physically assaulted.

So today I pay tribute to Dr Anthony Turton for speaking up and speaking out. Isn’t it amazing how short sighted people are, choosing political expediency over the future survival of their children and grandchildren?

Here is a fact or two for consideration:

  • we live on a finite planet, with finite “resources”
  • south africa’s rivers and streams are highly polluted and at some point their dilution capacity will be compromised – there will be no way to treat them and clean the water for consumption
  • look north at the cholera epidemic, that is how quickly a country can collapse into chaos

WAKE UP! Stop suppressing the truth dammit!

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Apocolypse now?

You may not need to write your last will and testament after all. Now a group of pessimistic scientists from the U.S., the UK and France say humanity has reached the point of no return and has little hope of continuing life on Earth. More …

A new study published by The Open Atmospheric Science Journal says the concentration of CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere has reached the point at which irreversible changes to climate start. Even if the concentration of carbon dioxide is lowered from its current level in record time, the catastrophic effects will still occur. The scientists give us about 30 years till the end of the planet to which humans are adapted.

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Trolls forever

Beware the trolls, for they have magical powers and even when they have been turned to stone, they may still send a shiver down your spine!


“In one Swedish changeling tale, the troll child grows up at a farm while the human child grows up among the trolls. Everyone advises the human mother to brutalize the changeling so that the trolls would change children once more. However, the woman refuses to treat the innocent but maladapted troll child cruelly and persists in treating it as if it were her own. Eventually, the husband decides to leave his wife, as he can no longer support living with the troll child. His distraught wife allows him to leave her, because she can not abandon an innocent child, although it is a troll. When the husband has walked a distance into the forest, he meets his own son who tells him that he is free from the trolls. Every time someone tried to be cruel to the troll, his troll mother was about to treat the human child in the same manner, but when his mother sacrificed what was dearest to her, her husband, the trolls realized that they had no power over her and had to release the human child.” enwikipedia

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Report urges meat rationing to save climate

“FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The report’s author warned that campaigns that encourage people to change their eating habits voluntarily were doomed to end in failure. People will have to be rationed to four modest portions of meat and one liter of milk a week if the world is to avoid runaway climate change, a major new report warns. The report, by the Food Climate Research Network, based at the University of Surrey in England, also says total food consumption should be reduced, especially “low nutritional…”

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“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” ~ ee cummings

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